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Organization Structure

    According to main functions, there are 15 offices under Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television of Guangdong Province:
    1 General Office (Office of communication and cooperation, Security Office)
    The General Office is in charge of day-to-day operation of the bureau, including processing documentations and telegrams, organizing meetings, confidential information communication, keeping files, etc. It is also responsible for information acquisition, confidentiality management, handling of complaint letters and visits, and government information disclosure, and the bureau's logistics service ,as well as handling of proposals and drafters.Global strategy ,communication and cooperation of press,publication,radio,film,television and copyright with Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan districts and foriegn countries are also its responsibility.Also, the drafting of safety regulations and emergency action plan, and the guidance and coordination of security and safety falls within its sphere.
    Director:Jixuan Yang
    Contact Person:Lei Sun
    2 Policies and Regulations Office
    Main responsibilities of policies and regulations office include studing major policies about press, publication, radio, film and television of Guangdong Province, organizing the drafting of local regulations and draft regulations about press, publication , radio ,film, television and copyright.It assumes the legitimacy of normative documents review, coordination and dissemination.It assumes the administrative enforcement,and implements work about the administrative law enforcement departments.It undertakes work such as the hearing about major administrative punishment, administrative reconsideration, administrative litigation, legal affairs.It organizes to promote the reform of administrative examination and approval departments and functions.
    Division Chief:Shaopeng Wu
    Contact Person:Huachao Cui
    3 Planning and Accounting Office
    The department's responsibilities include drafting relevant regional rules and regulations,formulating development plans, regulation targets and trade policies for press, publication, radio and film, advancing system reforms, supporting the development of less developed areas and public welfare projects, supervising the construction of infrastructure facilities,providing statistic services about press,publication,radio,film and copyright,financial management of the bureau and affiliates such as budget and final account, mangement of state-owned assets, government purchases and internal audit.
    Division Chief:Xindi Yuan
    Contact Person:Wenmiao Chen
    4 Publicity Management Office
    It undertakes guidance and supervision work about publicity and major provincial activities about broadcast and television. It also guides and manages production and broadcast of theoretical literature, documentary films and cartoons. It guides major advocacy and outreach of important media in Guangdong province.The management of introducing and broadcasing foreign TV and broadcast programs, and the supervising of part of foreign broadcasters and their business operations are also its responsibilities.
    Division Chief:Jianping Luo
    Contact Person:Yanwei Liu
    5 News Press Office
    Its main responsibilities include supervising publication of newspapers and magazines, management of newspaper publishers, managzine publishers, reporter centers and affiliation of news agencies in Guangdong province, organizing review activities, analysising public opinion. It also takes responsibility for reviewing, issuing, recording and managing press cards, and coordinating to investigating illegal activities about newspapers and magazines.
    Division Chief:Yi Su
    Contact Person:Zhongguang Lu
    6 Publishing Management Office( Digital Publishing Office )
    It takes responsibility for the supervision and management of publishing activities and publishing unit including books, audiovisual products,electronic publications. It organizes supervision activities about reviewing the content and quality of publications.It guides the publication of textbook and important literatures related to the nation and the party.It coordinate to plan publication of national ancient books. It manages and supervise ISBN numbers, digital publications and digital publishing activities.Literatures, books, magazines on internet and smartphones are also supervised and managed by publishing management office.
    Division Chief:Zhaohui Song
    Contact Person(Traditional Publication):Huina Ke Tel:020-61228953
    Contact Person(Digital Publication):Fenna Hu Tel:020-61228948
    7 Printing and Distribution Management Office
    It manages the business of printing , copying, publication distribution.It manages the imports of printing and copying equipment.It guides printed issue of important national documents literature , focusing on publications and school textbooks and supplementary materials.It investigates significant violation of laws.It guides the management of internal information printed publications ,and promotes the transformation and upgrading of the printing industry and the emerging printing industry.
    Division Chief:Gehong Weng
    Contact Person:Hongbin Chen
    8 Film Management Office
    It undertakes the business of film production, distribution , screening.It organizes to review the content of recorded movie.It guides and coordinates the major film events, and manage the movie archives, special funds for technology and film industry development.It also guides and coordinates foreign
exchange, and international cooperations related to local movies.
    Division Chief:Song Chen
    Contact Person:Meijuan Xia
    9 TV Series Management Office
    It guides TV series' production. It reviews the content of  TV series (including cartoons) produced by local companies,imported from foreign countries and coproduced with foreign companies. It guides and regulates the broadcasting of TV series in Guangdong province.
    Division Chief:Fenbo Tan
    Contact Person:Jiangdong Ouyang
    10 Media Management Office
    It manages the business of radio and television broadcasters , radio and television program production agencies, radio and television transmission, cable television with premium channels , mobile TV.It guides and regulates management of radio and television advertising broadcast.
    Division Chief:Zhiqiang Li
    Contact Person:Chunyi Wang
    11 Internet Audio-Visual Program Management Office
    It supervises and manages the content and activities related to network audio-visual programs, vedioes on demand, as well as radio programs, movies and TV programs broadcasting using public carriers. It also guides the development and the propaganda of services providing Audio-Visual programs on Internet.
    Division Chief:Wujun Peng
    Contact Person:Zhiqiang OuYang
    12 Office of Illegal and Prohibited Publication Supervision(Leading Group Office of Eliminating Pornography and Illegal Publications of Guangdong Province)
    It implements the national anti-pornography principles and policies,and formulates action plan of anti-pornography. It organies and coordinates action of anti-pornography movement in Guangdong province.It investigates serious cases about dissemination activities of illegal and prohibited publication. It's responsible for accepting report related to dissemination activities about illegal and prohibited publication,and identifying illegal and prohibited publication.It handles the daily affairs of Leading Group Office of Eliminating Pornography and Illegal Publications of Guangdong Province.
    Division Chief:Wenbao Fan
    Contact Person:Xiaomei Wu
    13 Copyright Management Office
    It formulates and implements management and use of policy measures to protect copyright and copyright industries.It undertakes copyrighted works under the state management in province.It manages the registration of copyright works and statutory licensing.It investigates copyright infringement cases and mediates copyright disputes.It handles copyright and relations with Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and others.It promotes work about genuine software.
    Division Chief:Tongying Zhang
    Contact Person:Shujin Liu
    14 Science and Technology Office
    It formulates development plans , policies, standards news publishing and printing industry , radio, television and new media audio-visual technology,and implements these plans , policies and standards.It formulates planning of radio and television transmission coverage , monitoring, emergency broadcast.It undertakes work about technical planning and technical management.It supervises security of radio and television broadcast, and takes technical support for these matters.It supervises the quality of radio and television commitments,and monitors these matters.
    Division Chief:Wei Zhuang
    Contact Person:Xue Zhou
    15 Personnel Office(Retirees Services and Party Committee Office)
    It builds some ranks of the news publishing, broadcasting, film and television industry.It guides work such as personnel management in subordinate units , organization , labor wages , and professional titles.It guides work like retired personnel services and family planning.
    Division Chief of Personnel Office:Guangwang Zeng
    Division Chief of Retirees Services Office:Guangxi Luo
    Division Chief of Party Committee Office:Qing Zhou
    Contact Person of Personnel Office:Bendao Yu
    Contact Person of Retirees Services Office:Shibing Luo
    Contact Person of Party Committee Office:Xiaoxia Huo